Repeatable QuestWrathful Forest Party
Level 67
Given by Owen
Report to Owen
Location Wrathful Forest
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Next up: the Wrathful Forest! Next up: the Ancient Canyon!


  • Collect Woodland Treasure x 9


"Hey, you! Yes, you! I have a request to make! Those fiendish thieves over there have been stealing treasure. It's terrible! Someone has to do something about it! And that someone is you! I'm a little too busy myself, you see.

And really, you look like you could mop the floor with those scamps and bring back the treasure to boot! Return the treasure from the Wrathful Forest, and I'll make sure you get a suitable reward."


"Now that's what I'm talking about! This should be plenty of treasure. I guess I owe you a pretty big reward!

I don't think this is all of it yet, though. Those goblins still have their paws on some of the treasure. Go bring back the rest of it."


  • 52,080 exp
  • 15 Courage Badge

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