Valhalla is a map designed for GVG (guild versus guild) pvp. It can be accessed only by hostile guilds and by talking to "Valhalla guide" in Ignea or Bernicia.

It can be accessed from 12:00 ~ 13:00 and 21:00 ~ 22:00 server time. There are 4 spawn bases located on the map, which can be switched during that time. At the center of the map the Valhalla Guardian will spawn - the player who kills it gains 5000 gold and 1000 Essences of Courage. Around the map, Essence of Courage crystals spawn and need to be "harvested" for 10 seconds before the Essence can be looted.

Exception, see Valhalla Event page.

What are the conditions to enter? Where?

First of all, your guild must be at a Hostile state. To enter Valhalla speak to the Valhalla guide. Valhalla is only open twice a day. At 12am and 9pm during 1 Hour (except for Saturday at 9pm, when Issus is open).

Valhalla Guide
What is the incentive for participating? Rewards?

In the Valhalla map you can collect Essence of Courage (useful for crafting) all over the map.

There is also a boss with incredible rewards to the guild who gives the last hit (encouraging pvp).

Note: An event was added permanently to this guild war mode. For more information check the Valhalla Event page.

Quests Edit

Players can get a daily quest from NPC Ratoo in Bernicia and Ignea.

[Daily] Valhallan Hero: Players must manipulate Essence of Courage reactors 30 times - Reward is 12 silver + 1 of the following buffs (players need to choose):

  • Impaler's Blessing: PvP Piercing +105 for 1 hour.
  • Champion's Blessing: PvP DEF +105 for 1 hour. 

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