Main QuestTruth You can Handle
Level 8
Given by Duett
Report to Duett
Location Mnemos Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
The Head of the Snake Is it Safe?


  • Obtain Psychotropic Herb
  • Deliver Truth Serum ingredient to Duett


"Thanks to the shaman you roped us, we should be able to find out just what those dastardly goblins were up to... or at least, that's what I'd hoped. Unfortunately, our unwilling captive has proved tight-lipped so far.

I've come up with a solution, though. A Truth Serum! That would surely get our new friend talking. I don't have the time to get the ingredients myself, however... so perhaps you could do it for me? What I need is a &Psychotropic Herb&. Yes, a Psychotropic Herb should be just the ticket!

One of the residents in town, Belbrick, should have an ample supply of these fickle flora, so you should see him."


"Ah! You've brought me the Psychotropic Herb? Excellent! You have my thanks. I should have no problem making the Truth Serum now. We'll unearth the cause of this goblin situation yet!"


  • 1300 exp
  • 2 silver

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