Party QuestTo the Bitter End
Level 16
Given by Cleo
Report to Cleo
Location Silent Ruins
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None None

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Needs rewards for other class/paths

Objective Edit


You wouldn't think Golems would have a leader, right? They're just big, giant rocky clodhoppers with legs! Seems like these ones do, though. I've noticed that they all seem to gather around this one golem... I can only assume he's giving them orders.

I'd ask you to take him out, but he's extraordinarily powerful. Just look at the size of him! Perhapse if you gathered together some of your Soulkeeper friends, you could take him out together? Without him, the rest of the golems might scatter. Please, take out Investigator Plata!

Completion Edit

What? You've brought down investigator Plata! Aha! I knew you could do it. You truly are a Soulkeeper to keep an eye on.

I'll admit I, well... I probably should have done more to help you. I am a higher-ranked Soulkeeper, after all. But you should really, you know, consider this a test! Yes. And you proved wonderfully. I believe you will be a very powerful Soulkeeper one day.

Reward Edit

  • 12,000 exp
  • 6 silver
  • Level 12 weapon (Item level 22)
Path Stats Skin
Firemage ATK 9

CRIT ACC 7 Piercing 6(6)

Firemage's Enchanted Staff
Frostmage ATK 9

CRIT ACC 12(5)

Icemage's Purifying Staff


  • This quest is nearly impossible at the recommended level to solo.
    • The boss can easily 1 shot most classes.
    • It is highly recommended to find a party before starting this.

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