General QuestThe Thrill of the Hunt
Level 61
Given by Torres
Report to Rhodes
Location Rhodia Forest
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Regroup in the Frozen Forest Catacombs Party



"(Recruitment) Hear ye, hear ye! Calling for volunteers to enter the catacombs!

Any able-bodied individuals may apply! Equipment not included - bring your own sword! Limited challenges expected! A great opportunity for inexperienced adventurers to test their mettle! If you're brave enough, sign up for a share in the adventure! But remember: we are not liable for any injuries, deaths or undeaths that occur.

First-timers will receive instruction to learn the ropes! Sign up with Rhodes in front of the catacombs."


"Have they given you a proper runthrough of what this place is?

Sign up, and you'll receive a handsome reward!"


  • None


  • This is the quest in the new continent (Kharath) that leads you to the first Hunting Ground in Episode 2, the 11th Infinite Hunting Ground from EOS.

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