Main QuestThe Soul of Arrogance
Level 24
Given by Merrilyn
Report to Sarban
Location Motroll Camp
(Traveler's Haven)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Unknown None



"All right, now... I'll begin the spell. I'd stand back if I were you - I can't be sure what will happen.

(Merrilyn takes the vial of Brablin blood and pours it over the Halidom. It begins to shimmer and glow, and Merrilyn's face controts with concentration.)

I acn see... Fafnir? Yes, Fafnir... he's trying to find the six fragments of the Shadow Soul... He's using the Motrolls... commanding them...

Yes, Fafnir used the Soul Fragment in Hauteur's Hollow... but where is it now? The Motrolls... they still have it! Motroll Contractor is protecting it near the Ancient Tower. This may be our only chance! Find Motroll Contractor, reclaim the Soul of Arrogance, and take it to Sarban."


"Th-that was amazing! The way you took on that brute! The courage! The majesty! I... I Think I'm falling in love with you!

But enough of that... you've done it! You've recovered the Soul of Arrogance. this is a big win for us... a big win. You have my thanks, as well as the thanks of everyone in Celestia. Well, aside from any Imperial troops that might be lurking around. I'll let you take a well earned break by delivering the Soul of Arrogance to Merrilyn for you."


  • 15,600 exp
  • 48 Silver
  • Level 19 Weapon (Item Level 26)

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