Main QuestThe Not-So-Friendly Ghosts
Level 7
Given by Levina
Report to Levina
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Craft Time! Purify My Soul


  • Kill Corrupted Spirits x 2


"We were successful in driving the Darklith from our land, but that does not mean our problems have disappeared.

Have you seen what's become of Breya Forest? Corrupted spirits roam the land, attacking those coming and going from the village. We humans used to live in peace with the spirits, but the polluted energy brought in by the Darklith must have twisted their souls.

Though not all these spirits have succumbed to the darkness, there are still too many wandering about for the roads to be safe. It pains me to ask this, but could you please put these corrupted spirits out of their misery? Perhaps then the forest can begin its healing process."


"Thank you, my child. You have done well.

Hopefully, these spirits you've laid to rest will be reborn anew and free from corruption. Breya Forest shall once again be a place where humans and spirits can co-exist peacefully in the beauty of nature."


  • 3185 exp
  • 6 silver

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