General QuestThe Great Outdoors
Level 19
Given by Baer
Report to Albanus
Location Southern Protectorate
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Just Like Mom Used to Make None
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Thanks for helping me recover from my debilitating disease, friend, though now that I can focus again, it seems I've found myself in another picket. I've been here spying on the nearby Baork tribe, but my coughing got me caught, and the blighted demons stole my map and compass! Now I have no way to get back to the rest of my guys and report what I've found.

Hmm... what to do... aha! I know! I've heard that some people can navigate using tree rings. Maybe... if you take a sample from one of the nearby trees, someone from the Boundary Outpost will be able to read the rings and determine my location. I'm brilliant! It's the perfect plan. You'd do that for me, wouldn't you? Of course, you will!


What? Baer sent you? Where is he? ...he wants us to find him... using this chunk of a tree? What the--?! That buffoon! Of course, he would think of something like this. What a nutter.

Ugh, well... I can't image he could be anywhere but the Warriors' Camp. We'll send some guys out to go make sure he's all right. Thanks.


  • 5,447 exp
  • 3 Silver

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