Main QuestThe Final Showdown
Level 6
Given by Helen
Report to Levina
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
King of the Hill Gund, on the Hill, with the Revolver



"Levina has begun the spell and entered the barrier. Now's our chance to stop Dyamond for good and keep him from breaking that seal! I'm--... no, everyone is counting on you. If you're truly as skilled as Levina has told me, you're our best candidate to send inside that barrier with her and take out Lord Dyamond.

Prepare yourself, (xx player's name xx)! This will not be an easy fight, but I have faith in you! Believe in Levina who believes in you!"


"You've done it! Dyamond is defeated, and the seal is safe. We could never have done this without your help, (xx player's name xx).

We Soulkeepers and all the people of Breya owe you our thanks.

Come, let us leave the barrier..."


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