General QuestThe End of the Affair
Level 12
Given by Cheyenne
Report to [[ ]]
Location Hidden Cavern
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Unknown A Nauseating Request
Echo of Soul Hidden Cavern - Eli
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Needs quest type, subzone(if any), and previous quest(if any).


  • Locate Eli, splash him with ice water to return him to his senses. 


Hey, you! You're not planning in going all the way inside this cave, are you? I, uh... lost something. Well, more of a HIM than a thing, but at the moment, he might as well be. My fiancé, Eli, went and got himself seduced by one of those harpy hussies. Can you imagine? Men just caaaan't take their eyes off a scantily- clad lady with wings! Doesn't matter that they're HALF-BIRD! Ahem, I digress... I'd really like him back, if only so I can give him a nice, hard piece of my mind! If you find him, use this ice water to splash some sense back into him. We'll see long his wandering eyes last after an ice cold bath.

If you run out of ice water, just come talk to me. I've got plenty.


Ohhh.... My head..... why do I feel so..... cold?  Why am I all wet?


  • 4,200 exp
  • 3 Silver


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