Main QuestThe Best Defense is...?
Level 2
Given by Delos
Report to Delos
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Big Trouble in Little Breya Mission Possible


  • Kill Darklith Trooper x 1
  • Kill Draklith Fighter x 1


"We can't launch any sort of concerted effort against those red beasts, so right now we're just kind of hacking away at them. All we can do is keep attacking until we've got nothin' left.

I'm running out of guards, though. I've got an infirmary full of wounded and a list a mile long of men that fled when things got heated. We can't hold out much longer.

Perhaps you could help us... If you could take out a few of the Darklith Troopers and Darklith Fighters outside of town, it would really ease the pressure on my guys. Just watch your back!"


"You made excellent work of those Darklith thugs. They may not be gone, but that certainly brought their numbers down.

I can't help but worry, though... it seems like they're starting to redirect their forces in another direction. You don't suppose this attack was just a ploy to keep our attention focused elsewhere... do you?"


  • 1365 exp
  •  2 silver
  • Weapon Lv. 2

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