General Information

  • Minimum PvE item Level: 1352
  • Recommended Level Hero: 70
  • Minimum PvE item Level Hero: 1376
  • Item drops per Boss: 1   Last boss: 2
  • Dropped Gear Level Normal: 178
  • Dropped Gear Level Hero: 181



1. Lv70. [Daily] Deer God's Summons (Normal) - Pop up when entering the dungeon in normal mode

2. ​Lv70. [Daily] Deer God's Summons (Hero) - Pop up when entering the dungeon in hero mode

3. Lv70. [Dungeon Info] Melia's Request - Pop up when entering Bernicia or get from NPC Annalise in Bernicia

  • Gives 2 gold

​4. Lv70. [Dungeon Info] To the Temple of Cernunnos - Receive from NPC Emily just outside the dungeon's entrance

  • Gives 2 gold

5. ​Lv70. [Dungeon] Enter the Temple - Receive from NPC Rashad just inside the dungeon's entrance

  • Gives 4 gold

​6. Lv70. [Dungeon] Plant Terror - Receive when completing the previous quest

  • Gives 8 gold

7. Lv70. [Dungeon] The Deep Freeze - Receive when completing the previous quest

  • Cerunnos Warmth Buff
    ​Gives 4 gold
     (For this quest you'll need to pop between energy circles to avoid each of the ice attacks)

8. Lv70. [Dungeon] Sub-Zero - Receive when completing the previous quest

  • Gives 8 gold

​9. Lv70. [Dungeon] Widland WizardReceive when completing the previous quest

  • Gives 10 gold


There are 3 bosses in Temple of Cernunnos.


Sissik Temple of Cerunnos


  • Armor Piercing DoT: Massive increase DMG from Vine assault and DEF 30%
  • Vine Assault: Frontal cone attack.
  • Swinging Strike: Normal attack
  • Seed Sprinkle: Summons a Naturepod. If you don't destroy it in time, it will transform into an Earthflower and attack you.
  • Grasping Stem: Will create a stem around you in 10 seconds. To avoid it, use the pollen areas left after killing the Naturepods.
  • Summons Death Spore: Avoid it or it will give you poison damage.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Sissik Growth: Block 2 times to prevent it. Gives him a +30% ATK and ATK SPD buff.



Krannos Temple of Cerunnos


  • Icy Blast: Frontal attack.
  • House of Pain: Block after attacking.
  • Spiraling Blizzard: Targeted attack. DMG and cold stacks if other players are in the vicinity.
  • Cold Front: Gives the player a DoT and if it stacks to 10 the player gets frozen.
  • Daze: Dazes the player.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Coldwave



Sanaya Temple of Cerunnos


  • Thorny Vine: AoE attack.
  • Vine Whip
  • Vine Assault
  • Summons Poison Thorn: Block.
  • Summons Blue Leafs: Block 2 times.
  • Incubates underlings: Poison Thorns and Blue Leafs receive less damage.
  • Summons a seed: When it germinates a thorny vine that inflicts DoT will grow.
  • Summons Thorny Vines: Blocks the character from moving.
  • Awesome Blossom: Flowerbud is summoned.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Endspore: Prevent it from reaching Sanaya or she gets the "Spore Energy" buff giving her ATK +20% with each stack.


  • Deerly Departed
  • Deerly Departed (Hero)
  • Antlers Aloft - Server first
    • Title: Antler Adversary
  • Antlers Aloft (Hero) - Server first
    • Title: Antler Adversary (Hero)

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