Sunset Vale is an area in Novisk that can be accessed when you reach character level 70 and equipment level 1400+.

Once you reach the minimum equipment level, a pop up quest will activate in Bernicia, leading you to the location and introducing you to the Daily Quest NPCs.


  • Southwestern Sunset Vale Camp
  • Southeastern Sunset Vale Camp
  • Northeastern Sunset Vale Camp
  • Northwestern Sunset Vale Camp




[Field Guide] The Hero We DeserveEdit

  • Pops up in Bernicia once you have reached equipment level 1400+
  • NPC Shan near the equipment merchants in Bernicia will lead you to the map
  • Once there, speak to NPCs:
    • Eleventus
    • Harmon
    • Ambreen
    • Graham
  • Rewards 3 gold

[Daily] Mystical Red Chrome in the Sunset ValeEdit

[Daily] Blazing PyrrhosEdit

[Daily] Sundown in Sunset ValeEdit

Profession QuestsEdit

Additionally, you can get profession levels, tokens and ingredients from daily quests in this area. You can only take them after reaching profession level 581. For a complete list of the quests, check each profession's specific page.

Monster DropsEdit

Monsters in The Hintervale drop the following items when killed:

  • Gold
  • Mystical Healing Items

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