Main QuestStrong Enemies
Level 6
Given by Veloras
Report to Jephric
Location Exploration Outpost
Quest Progression
Previous Next
A Reason to Hurry You Can't Go Home


  • Enter the barrier
  • Kill Olsatz


The elder is battling Olsatz in that sealed area!

You're running out of time! Olsatz is too powerful!

I will help you cross the barrier so you can save him!

Get the elder and Jephric to safety!


I can't believe this is how it ends.

You are the Pluto Tribe's only hope! You might think it's cowardly to flee, but for the sake of our tribe, you must leave and stay away.

This is the best thing you can do for us.


  • 6850 exp
  • 10 silver

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