SimpleBag Simple Bag

Vital statistics
Type General Item
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Use Level 1
Item Level 1
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}

Can be used to expand your inventory by ## slots.
-In Game Description.

Storage Bags can be used to expand the amount of Storage room players have in their Inventory, Personal Storage or Guild Storage.


There are 5 types of Storage Bags available:

Bag Slots
Simple Bag 4
Minor Bag 6
Average Bag 10
Superior Bag 14
Superb Bag 18

Acquisition Edit

  • Chance to drop from a Magic Lamp (limited to Average, Superior and Superb Bags)
  • Cash Shop (Average Bag only)
  • Marketplace
  • General Merchant (Simple and Minor Bags only)
  • Level Up Rewards (Minor and Superior Bags only)
  • Quests (Minor Bag only)
  • Web Mall (Mystery Box, Limited Offer, Lootwheel)


  • Drag and drop the bag into the slot to use the bag
  • Bag must be empty to remove it.
  • Guild Storage Bags must be emptied then dragged into an empty slot within the Guild Storage to be removed.

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