Spiros is a PvE - Guild Time Attack where all guild members gather in one place to cooperate towards a common goal. A winning guild will be updated every week based on which guild was the fastest, and the guild holding the fastest record by the end of the week will win. A group of about 50 players with high-end equipment should be able to complete the time attack in about 20 minutes.

Spiros Guide

Entry NPC

Urban <Spiros Guide>

Dalton <Spiros Guide> 

Talking to the guide will show the Spiros rules.


Entry Requirements

Spiros Rules
Be in a guild. There is no time limit/gear requirement.


Talk to the NPCs and they will teleport you.

There is no set player limit: system's maximum allowed players will set the maximum entry number.

If there is no guild member, Spiros Cube will reset.


Four mini bosses of different elements will each use different combat style, including melee and ranged attacking styles.

The mini bosses need to be defeated before the final boss can be defeated. The usage of runes is encouraged as they are a strategic component in battle by allowing extra DMG based on Rune element. This is a time attack, the fastest guild will win.


  • If there is no guild member, Spiros Cube will reset.
  • Fatigue will not increase in Spiros.
  • If a player is kicked from the guild while in Spiros, they will be teleported out.
  • Mounts can be used.
  • There is no exp or gold gain in Spiros .
  • Smart Matching is possible from within Spiros.


Monster Names

Monster Selfies



Earth Golem

Earth Golem Spiros

Skill - Earth Rage : [Increase Distance] Stones come up from under the PC's feet, dealing an area damage   Skill - Earth Bin : [Concentrated DMG Deal] Bind character to deal Continuous DMG Destruction Allowed

Earth Golem Spiros Tactic

Fire Golem

Fire Golem Spiros

Skill - Pursuing Flame : [Gathering] Deal powerful flame attack Gather to disperse damage Skill - Flame Eruption : [Move to Safe Zone] Multiple flames erupts from near the Boss, dealing damage. 

Fire Golem Spiros Tactic

Water Golem

Water Golem Spiros

Skill - Erupting Water : [Safe Zone Move] Pillar of water erupts from 2 out of 3 areas near the boss, dealing damage. Skill - Waves : [Avoid] Summon great waves the send it to random targets.

Water Golem Spiros Tactic

Wind Golem

Wind Golem Spiros

Skill - Wind Pawn : [Summon Pawn] Summon Wind Pawn Skill - Tornado Wind : [Move] Summon Tornado Wind Tornado Wind moves to random locations and deal Continuous DMG

Wind Golem Spiros Tactic


Victory Conditions


The fastest guild to complete the challenge wins.


The winning PvE guild will be able to set a tax on items bought from merchants and the Marketplace. The tax is split between the winning Issus guild, and the winning Spiros guild. (Rate will be adjusted, but the present plan is to maintain a 7:3 ratio.) The default Tax rate is 15%. The Tax rate can be set by the leader of the winning guild from Issus. Only the guild leaders receive tax money.

Taxes are distributed daily by mail to the guild leaders of the winning Issus and Spiros guilds. They will start receiving this Tax daily from the following Monday after the guild competition.

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