General Info

  • Recommended Level Normal: 70
  • Minimum PvE item Level: 1280
  • Recommended Level Hero: 1304
  • Item drops per Boss: 1   Last boss: 2
  • Dropped Gear Level Normal: 163
  • Dropped Gear Level Hero:   166


  1. Lv70. [Dungeon] Taking the Bull by the HornsReceive from NPC Telemann at entry - Gives 1 gold.
  1. Lv70. [Dungeon] Machine Sabotage - Receive from NPC Telemann at entry - Gives 1 gold and 5 silver.
  1. Lv70. [Dungeon] Dwarven DemolisherReceive from NPC Alfred after first gate - Gives 1 gold.
  2. Lv70. [Dungeon] Stopping Production - Receive from NPC Alfred after first gate - Gives 5 gold.
  3. Lv70. [Dungeon] Labor Management - Receive from NPC Alfred after first gate - Gives 15 gold.
  4. Lv70. [Dungeon] Kill Ipalai - pops up before Ipalai - Gives 6 gold.
  5. Lv70. [Dungeon] Take Out the Leader - Receive from NPC Telemann at entry - Gives 15 gold.


There are 3 bosses in Shadowflame Mine.


CH-85 Shadowflame Mine


  • Explosive Cart: Explodes and leaves an area that applies Fire DoT on player.
  • Drops Rocks: Leaves you stunned for 2 secs.
  • Electric Waves: Avoid by jumping.
  • Overheat: Boss atack increases +30%.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Sphere of Influence



Ipalai Shadowflame Mine


  • Howl: Summons 4 rocks around him
  • Launching Fire When fire touches a rock, a Fire elemental appears. Players can avoid spawning elementals by standing in the middle, between 2 rocks.
  • Summon Flame on Rock.
  • Calls Dwarfs: Dwarfs appear and start destroying the Rocks around Ipalai. Kill them immediately!

Heroic Abilities:

  • Rocks (and flames activating them) appear much faster.



Garram Shadowflame Mine


  • Flaming Bullet:  Affected area gives Fire DoT.
  • Smoke Bomb: Makes it difficult to see, reduces ATK, ACC and CRIT ACC. Garram's Bombardment skill inflicts less DMG.
  • Running Raid: Targets a player and charges. Move away while casting to avoid DMG and stun
  • Bombardment: AoE attack. Hide in the smoke to avoid fatality and receive less DMG.
  • Summon Bomb Cart that follows a player. These carts can be killed in normal mode but not in Hero Mode. If Bomb Carts touch a Flaming Bullet they explode, dealing AOE damage to everyone in the room. More than 1 cart could be assigned to a player during the fight eg 4 carts. If that player dies, the carts will not disappear. They will immediately start following a nearby party member.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Vapor Piston
  • Bomb Carts cannot be killed


  • Shadowflame Slayer
  • Shadowflame Slayer (Hero)
  • Miner Disturbance - Server first
    • Title: Shadowflame Slayer
  • Miner Disturbance (Hero) - Server first
    • Title: Shadowflame Slayer (Hero)

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