General QuestSchool of Hard Knocks
Level 60
Given by Monica
Report to Monica
Location Ignea
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Hard Knock Life None


  • Purchase Lucky Pendant from the Cash Shop (2499 AP).


"You... you're the kind soul who helped me before! This is rather embarrassing, but... might I trouble you again?

Life was so wonderful after the last time you helped us that, well, we wanted to see how much better it could get. My brother was sent off with some coin to buy the new range of lucky tools on his way home from school. Well, the little rascal foolishly traded them for some magic beans.

I don't know what they're teaching at that school, but it's certainly not responsibility! I've heard the lucky tools are really one of a kind - if you could find some for me again, I'd be happy fo reward you!'"


"Your selflessness will never be forgotten!

I hope these items will be of use to you on the rest of your journey.'"


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