General QuestRuin Explorers
Level 16
Given by Cleo
Report to Cleo
Location Silent Ruins
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None Motroll in Your Eyes

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Needs quest type



If we don't keep the Golems from discovering the power of this magic, they will pounce on the opportunity like hyenas to hotcakes.

I have an idea, though... it seems there is another strong magic that could potentially cancel out the effects of this spell. Unfortunately, I've only heard rumors of it. We must find more information if we're to put it into action.

You'll find an ancient pillar within the Silent Ruins. I need to know what that pillar says! But I'm too busy, yes, far too busy to go in there amongst those big, ugly golems. If you get me a rubbing of what's written on the pillar, though, I should be able to analyze it.


Wonderful! This rubbing has everything I could have asked for. You really RUB me the right way, Playername, ohoho.

At any rate, I'll see what I can learn from these writings... there MUST be something!


  • 4,400 exp
  • 3 Silver

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