Rodby is a level 51-60 area of the continent Nicaea.


Area: Rodby
min max Region
5151 Cursed Forest
5151 Laterna
5151 The Thanatium
5154 Gnarra Highlands
5252 The Fringeland
5252 Forge of Madness
5252 Guile's Cleft
5454 Gnarra Backroads
5454 Piebald Pass
5455 Hidden Grounds
5457 Snow Country
5555 Glaciers Paw
5556 Azure Forest
5757 Frozen Forest
5757 Tranquil Grove
5757 Undiscovered Territory
5757 Lost Snowfield
5858 Fallen One's Haven
5859 Phobos Ruins
5860 Mount Odroerir
5960 Active Lava Reigon

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