Repeatable QuestRegroup in the Karquul Hideout
Level 27
Given by Ruby
Report to Ruby
Location Karquul Hideout
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Next up, the Karquul Hideout! Next up, the Plains of Sorrow!


  • Collect Karquul Treasure x 9


"As you can see, we've got ourselves quite a bunch of troublemakers causing a ruckus around here. We don't know if they're under orders from the Karquul or if they're just a bunch of bloodthirsty hooligans, but something needs to be done about 'em.

Clear out the troublemakers in the Karquul Hideout and retrieve the Karquul Treasure.

As promised, you'll get a Courage Badge for your troubles."


"Great, you brought the treasure back! Well done!

Now, let's see about your reward. Wear that Courage Badge with pride. You've done good work here today."


  • 7405 exp
  • 48 silver
  • 25 Courage Badge

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