Repeatable QuestRegroup in the Falcon Mercenary Base
Level 22
Given by Lune
Report to Lune
Location Falcon Mercenary Base
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Next up, the Falcon Mercenary Base! Next up, the Karquul Hideout!


  • Collect Falcon Mercenary Treasure x 9


"The Falcon Mercenaries have been running their operations out of this base.

Kill the Falcon Mercenaries inside the Falcon Mercenary Base, and retrieve the Falcon Mercenary Treasure while you're at it. We need to stop them before they get even more out of hand.

As promised, you'll get a Courage Badge for your troubles."


"Perfect! That's just what I needed! Well done!

Now, let's see about your reward. Wear that Courage Badge with pride. You've definitely earned it."


  • 6,185 exp
  • 33 silver
  • 20 Courage Badge

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