PVP NPCs in Bernicia
WARNING: This info is useful, but not current anymore, since PvP Season 3 has already ended.

For PvP Season 3, there are different currencies and levels of the Equipment that you can buy.

You can buy these only after you reach level 70 from 2 NPCs in Bernicia

  • Nathalie <Kharath Battlefield Merchant>
  • Hans <Arena Manager>

Gear Lv

EN Name

160 Eminent Set of Tenacity
163 Coveted Set of Conflict
166 Shrewd Set of Barbarism
169 Acute Set of Barbarism
175 Vicious Set of Barbarism

Gear Level 160

You can get this gear from NPC Nathalie with either gold or a small amount of Hero Badges from the Battlefield.

  • Stage 1 Gold PvP Shop (Lv.160)
  • Stage 1 Hero Badge PvP Shop (Lv.160)

You can also use Hero badges to buy the following items at the General Battlefield Shop:

Item Price in Badges
Bright Concentrated Resource Fragment 100
Appraiser's Ink 600
Battle Bandage 5
Battle Magic Bandage 5
Imperial Goat 100,000
+5 Vivid Jewel Box 1,300
Valuable Primal Essence 500

Useful tip, from GSEN_Angel: "This level of gear is relatively easy to obtain and therefore, it’s worth investing your time and gold/badges in purchasing items until you end up with appraisals that you are happy with (generally blues or purples). It’s also worth remembering that piercing and defense stats DO NOT translate into PvP piercing and defense, so only worry about a good appraisal for those stats if you are a class that passively uses them to increase other areas of performance (in the way a Bard’s piercing will increase attack.)"

Gear Level 163

Hel Metal Fragment

You can get this gear from NPC Nathalie or Hans with Hel Metal Fragments. You can get these by using a Hel's Gear Disassembly Hammer on your gear from the previous PvP Season.

Hel&#039;s Gear Disassembly Hammer

You can buy the hammer for 1 silver from the same merchants, and you can only use it on the PvP gear of levels 143-149 (not on the level 140 gear).

  • Previous League's PvP Reward Shop

The amount of Fragments that you get from each piece varies according to type and level of the piece:


Lv. 143 (Free Arena)

Lv. 146 (Battlefield)

Lv. 149 (Team Arena)

Weapon 6 10 14
Chest Armor 5 7 10
Leg Armor 5 7 10
Shoes 4 7 10
Gloves 4 7 10
Helmet 4 6 9
Linen 3 5 7
Belt 5 7 10
Necklace 2 3 5
Earrings 2 3 4
Bracelet 2 3 4
Ring 2 3 4

Gear Level 166

You can get this gear from NPC Nathalie with a large amount of Hero Badges from the Battlefield.

  • Stage 1 Hero Badge PvP Shop (Lv.166)

Gear Level 169

You can get this gear from NPC Hans with Gladiator's Badges from Team Arena. can also use your Fighter's Badges from Free Arena to buy pouches that give you Gladiator's Badges. This way, both Free and Team Arena currencies can contribute to help you get the highest level PvP gear.

  • Stage 1 Team Arena PvP Shop




Small Gladiator's Badge Pouch 15 Fighter's Badges 10 Gladiator's Badges
Gladiator's Badge Pouch 150 Fighter's Badges 100 Gladiator's Badges

Legendary Items

For Season 3, there is a Legendary Weapon and Legendary Accessories that you can get by doing both PvE and PvP.

PvP Legendary Weapon Items

Firstly you need:

  • 190 Bright Concentrated Resources - You can get them by buying Bright Concentrated Resource Fragments from NPC Nathalie. These randomly give you an amount of the Resources or Battlefield items (scrolls, potions, bandages).
  • 70 Hephestus' Bright Trapped Souls - You can get a random amount of these from the Hephestus' Bright Energy Box, which you get from daily quests for Episode 2 party dungeons (Fellglow Spire, Asha's Tomb and Shadowflame Mine).

Once you have these, right-click them and you will receive a Legendary Transmog Staff. You can then apply this staff to your Arena (lv.169) weapon or accessory and you will receive a box, giving you the Legendary weapon or accessory for your class/path.

Additional Currencies

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coin

You get 1 Challenge Coin from the Battlefield Daily Quest.

You can use it when you speak to the NPC Nathalie to buy from the General Battlefield Shop:


Price in Challenge Coins

10 x Valuable Primal Essence 5
+5 Vivid Jewel Box 3

Winner's Coin

Hausmann - Winner&#039;s Coin Merchant

You get Winner's Coins by killing enemy Guild Members.

You can use them by speaking to the Winner's Coin Merchant:


Price in Winner's Coins

Piercing Potion 60
Protection Potion 60
Purification Potion 60
Imperial Goat 30,000

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