Portus is a level 36-50 area in the continent of Nicaea.


Area: Portus
min max Region
3636 Rimen Gate
3636 Rimen
3639 Land of Dreams
3737 Ogre Canyon
3737 Bolete Forest Road
3737 Field of the Fallen
3940 Morphos Desert
4141 Briar Bog
4143 Hidden Cove
4242 Flood Creek
4242 Shadow Lair
4243 Stygian Tunnels
4344 Forgotten Sands Road
4545 Tranquil Outskirts
4646 Ruins of Hush
4747 Stonefist Mountain
4747 Dragon Cave
4848 Coppice of Tears
4649 Plains of Remorse
4949 Viskas Thoroughfare
5050 Darkshield Fortress

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