General QuestPolliwog Recruits
Level 9
Given by Ize
Report to Ize
Location Frogman Lair
(Frogman Lair Camp)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Frog! None
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Needs quest type and other class rewards.



I've been watching the Frogmen for some time, and I'm now more convinced than ever!

The Frogmen pretend to be imbecilic fools simply to trick us... but they're actually preparing to launch a full-scale attack on Mnemos! Who knows what kind of dastardly plan they could have for them...

They're building up an army. See those Verdara Tribe Recruits? They're the new plebes. You can just smell the rancor on them. I need you to take out as many as you can find. Blighted things could eat five or ten children at once if they're left alive.


Excellent work. You've certainly made a dent in their pool of recruits.

I can't help but worry, though... so long as their leader lives, I highly doubt they'll call off the attack. At least we have a bit more time now. We'll need it in order to prepare our defenses for the approaching war.


  • 3,150 exp
  • 2 Silver
  • Level 4 Headgear (Item Level 9)
Class Stats
Rogue CRIT ACC 7


Max HP 21

Piercing 3(3)


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