Main QuestPoked, Poked in Your Nose
Level 7
Given by Injured Mnemos Guard
Report to Gant
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
To Mnemos! Barrels o'Fun



"P-please! You there! I ran as fast as I could! Mnemos! Mnemos is on fire! The whole town, we're... we're under attack! We need help, p-please...

The road behind me, it... leads to Mnemos... Hurry! Find Gant there - he's the leader of our militia..."


"You! You're not a face I recognize. You're here from Breya?

I'd give you a warm welcome, but I suspect that won't do much good. You can see for yourself what a mess we're in. We've got goblins running amok, and we've only barely managed to fend them off.

Our defenses are too weak, but somehow we must manage a counterattack! Do you think you can lend us a hand?"


  • 568 exp
  • 1 silver

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