Outskirt Outhouse
Vital statistics
Level 20
Location Southern Protectorate
Given by Raire
Returned to Raire
Quest progression
Previous Next
None Aahh!! Real Investigation



The Largess Thicket has always been a popular attraction for adventurers and tourists. perhaps because it's full of such rich wonder and treasure! Not that I've seen any of it myself since I'm stuck here guarding this camp all day.

Nevertheless, our numbers have been down ever since those Raptors started prowling the premises. You can imagine reports of travelers getting viciously ripped to shreds and eaten alive by raptors can't be good for tourism. If we're going to get people circulating through this place again, we're going to have to do something about those raptors. I need you to take out as many of those Chaos Raptors and Forest Keeper Raptors as you can. Why you? Because as I said before. I'm just a guard.


What? You already... killed off all the raptors? But I only assigned that to you like... erm... how long ago was it? Oh, who cares! The important thing is you single-handedly slaughtered a whole slew of raptors!

You, uh... wouldn't happen to wanna stay here a while longer, would you? Not, you know, forever or anything. Just one or two years.


  • 7,000 exp
  • 4 Silver
  • Level 15 Leg Armor (Item Level 22)
Path Stats Skin
Firemage DEF 15(5)

Max HP 37

Firemage's Nameless Shorts
Frostmage DEF 10

EVA 7(7)

Max HP 39

Icemage's Silent Shorts

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