General QuestNext up: the Wrathful Forest!
Level 64
Given by Rhodes
Report to Owen
Location Catacombs
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Catacombs Party Wrathful Forest Party

Next up: the Wrathful Forest! is the quest that will warp you to the twelfth Infinite Hunting Ground.


  • Talk to Rhodes
  • Select Warp to Wrathful Forest
  • Talk to Owen


"Well now! It looks like there's nothing you can't scare off with a mean glare!

Talk to me again and I'll find a place more worthy of your time, alright?"


"Welcome to the Wrathful Forest.

I wager you wouldn't have been sent here if you're not up to the task."


  • None


  • This quest will zone you to Wrathful Forest once you talk to Rhodes and select Warp to Wrathful Forest.

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