General QuestNext up, the Plains of Sorrow!
Level 32
Given by Ruby
Report to Moony
Location Karquul Hideout
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Regroup in the Karquul Hideout Regroup in the Plains of Sorrow

Next up, the Plains of Sorrow! is the quest that will warp you to the fifth Infinite Hunting Ground.


  • Talk to Ruby
  • Select Warp to Plains of Sorrow
  • Talk to Moony


"Things here are finally calming down. It seems like nothing here is a challenge for you!

Talk to me and I'll send you to a place that's a better fit for your skills. Talk to me whenever you're ready to go."


"You've come from the Karquul Hideout?

Well, if they sent you, you must be quite the fighter. Welcome!"


  • None


  • This quest will zone you to Plains of Sorrow once you talk to Ruby and select Warp to Plains of Sorrow.

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