Main QuestNew Road
Level 6
Given by Perry
Report to Levina
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Gund and the Wolves Soulkeepers' Street


  • Talk to Ribi
  • Talk to Dustan
  • Talk to Levina


I am taking care of the wounded and supplying them with provisions. I'm afraid that I can't help you with all the work I have on my plate here. I can, however, send a letter about the situation here to Levina. She can probably help you.

Could I ask you a favor? is there any chance you could check up on the injured and the town residents on your way, and report how they are doing to Levina?

I'll notify the town guards in advance so that you won't have any issues going in there.


Breya hasn't really recovered from the Darklith assault. I see in your eyes great sympathy and a desire to help the citizens of Breya. I believe that you came to us in this time of need through the will of Odin. Want to become a Soulkeeper?

You look qualified enough to me. Becoming a Soulkeeper will make you stronger, and not only will that help you survive in this world, it'll help you get revenge on the Karquul Alliance.

You could probably give us some help with our problems as well.


  • 700 exp
  • 3 silver

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