General QuestMy Mother's Wish
Level 7
Given by Indie
Report to Indie
Location Occupied Mnemos
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Poked, Poked in Your Nose None


  • Kill the Mnemos invaders x 2


"Y-you're here to help us...? Maybe you would listen to me, then...

The goblins, they... they were savages! One moment I was out hanging up the laundry, and the next... They were everywhere! Slashing, clawing, and laughing like rabid hyenas... I... I was cornered by one. I saw my life flash before my eyes, but my... my mother saved me. She jumped on him from behind and held him down so that I could escape, but...

When I looked back, they had her surrounded... I couldn't bear to watch anymore, so I just ran as fast as I could. I'll never forgive them! Not for as long as I live! But I'm not strong enough to avenge my mother on my own. Please... kill as many of those heathenish creatures as you can!"


"You've done it, have you? You've given those nasty, foul heathens exactly what they deserve!

Thank you... even if it won't bring my mother back, I hope that she can sleep more peacefully now..."


  • 2450 exp
  • 6 silver
  • Gloves Lv. 7

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