Main QuestMuch To-Do About Brimsharn
Level 10
Given by Whittle
Report to Whittle
Location Greenrock
(Upper Brimsharn)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Unknown None
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Needs rewards for other classes.



As I'm sure you've heard, we are recovering from a recent attack by Motrolls and Goblins. Our poor town might have been completely demolished if it hadn't been for the brace sacrifice of our mayor. As it is, we were able to secure the northern tip before it could be overrun with Motrolls.

Would you mind doing us a favor? Those vile Iron Chain Fighters continue to prowl around the remains of our village to the south, threatening our safety. Perhaps if you take out a few, it will discourage them from launching another attack.


You have my eternal gratitude. Already, that ferocious stomping has calmed some. Perhaps this will bring new hope to the people here.

For many years, we had relied on the Guardian Stone for protection from outsiders. Now I see how foolish we were to put all our faith in a simple stone was senseless. With no military, we had no one to defend us when the stone was broken, and now we've paid the price dearly. Kentridge will... will never come back.


  • 4,550 exp
  • 2 Silver
  • Level 5 Leg Armor (Item Level 10)
Class Stats Skin
Rogue DEF 10(3)

Max HP 25

Greaves of the Dead

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