General QuestMotroll in Your Eyes
Level 16
Given by Cleo
Report to Sylph
Location Unknown
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Ruin Explorers Simmer Down Now
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Needs quest type, zone, and subzone.


  • Talk to Sylph


You said earlier that you were looking for any signs of the Motrolls'passage through these parts, yes? I might have some information for you.

One of my colleagues, Sylph, spoke of seeing a band of Motrolls passing through. You'll find her up in the Hintervale

She may be able to help you on your quest.


You wanna know about the Motrolls?

I don't have time for that! I'm on duty here, and if you had two eyes and a brain in that head, you'd have been able to see that from the start! Maybe I've seen some motrolls and maybe I haven't. If you wanna know anything, you'll need to help me out first.


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