General QuestMiserly Mercs
Level 64
Given by Eugenia
Report to De-antlered Cernunnos
Location Devastated Goldenbough Forest
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Cernunnos' Disappearance Sacred Antlers


  • Talk to Cernunnos


"If memory serves, I recall Bayou talking about wanting the deer god's antlers.

Believe it or not, those antlers are powerful objects of healing. Those antlers' power was what was keeping the Goldenbough Forest alive despite everything that's been going on.

If Boss Bayou got his hands on Cernunnos, he's liable to just hack them right off! He must be at the Withering Golden Tree! He's been wanting to take an axe to it for ages. If you can't save Cernunnos... I don't even want to think about it!"


"Young Soulkeeper, you have my deepest gratitude. To think you would risk your life to save mine! However, I fear it's... too late for all that now. My antlers... they've already been cut off.

They were the source of all the healing energy in the forest. Without their radiance, the Golden Tree will soon decay and die."


  • 13,206 exp
  • 27 silver

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