The Magic Egg Merchant used to be an NPC selling items for Magic Eggs, but it was removed with Episode 1.5.

To access the Magic Egg Shop now, you need only open the Cash Shop (ALT+C) and click on the Magic Egg tab.

What can I get with Magic Eggs?Edit

You can get the following items by using Magic Eggs:

Item Cost in Magic Eggs
Remote Storage (NT) 12
Frigg's Blessing (NT) 18
Njord's Blessing (NT) 23
Edun's Blessing (NT) 23
Dungeon Ticket (NT) 57
Hero's Blessing (NT) 60
Magic Lamp (NT) 86
Lemur - 7 Days (NT) 150
Safeguard (NT) 231
Guardian Fitted Tee (NT) 399
Sorceress Fitted Tee (NT) 399
Archer Fitted Tee (NT) 399
Durable Transparent Ornament (NT) 999
Durable Transparent Facemask (NT) 999
Durable Transparent Outfit (NT) 999
Durable Transparent Jewelry (NT) 999

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