General QuestLimited Hunter's Trophy: Boros
Level 70
Given by Ramirez
Report to Ramirez
Location Bernicia
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None None


  • Gather Black Goat's Energy Fragment x 1000

These fragments are being dropped by the 5 bosses in Ironfire Mountain.

  • Normal Mode: Total of 20-30 per run of the raid.
  • Hero Mode: Total of 30-40 per run of the raid.


"You really think you're up to the challenge?

Then bring me proof that Boros is dead.

I'll see to it that you're fittingly rewarded."


"You really did it! These soul fragments are all that remains of Soulkeepers who died at Boros' hands. As promised, here's your reward for killing that fiend and freeing the souls of the fallen"


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