LevinasBlessing Levina's Blessing

Vital statistics
Type Consumable
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Use Level 1
Item Level 1
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Levina's Blessing is a consumable that can be used to extend your Rest Bonus Status. Hunting while Rested gives you a 200% EXP and Gold boost.

It also grants an additional 100% Exp and Gold boost for the duration of the item.

There are 4 types of the item as seen below:

  • Levina's Blessing - 2 Hours
  • Levina's Blessing - 24 Hours
  • Levina's Blessing - 7 Days
  • Levina's Blessing - 30 Days

Acquisition Edit

You can obtain Levina's Blessing

The Cash shop only offers the 24 Hour and the 7 Day version of the item.

Notes Edit

Levina's Blessing does not stack with:

  • Succulent Steak
  • Quattro Cheese Pizza

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