Main QuestKing of the Hill
Level 5
Given by Gund
Report to Helen
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Hill Under Siege The Final Showdown


  • Kill Darklith soldiers x 2


"We've got Darklith coming out of the woodwork up here. The path to the Opaline Altar is positively swarming with them! I couldn't hope to get through there myself.

If Levina truly wants you to meet her at the altar, you're going to have to get through them first. Not that I mind, of course, because fewer Darklith means fewer pairs of shorts for me to go through. In fact, why don't you make that your goal? Killing some of those Darklith scum, I mean. Would certainly make my life less moist, and I'm sure Levina would be thankful as well. After you've taken out a few, talk to Helen by the altar itself. She'll fill you in on what's going on."


"So it's you who's been taking care of the Darklith troops around here. It's certainly made my life easier, I'll give you that, so you have my thanks. Levina's been telling me great things about you... She seems to think you have a lot of potential.

We're not out of the woods yet, however... though the enemy's forces have weakened, they continue to be blighted pains in our backsides.

So long as Dyamond is keeping us from protecting the altar inside that barrier, we mustn't let down our guards. If we can't put a stop to him, we'll have to prepare for the inevitable."


  • 3413 exp
  • 4 silver
  • Belt Lv. 5

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