General QuestJust Like Mom Used to Make
Level 19
Given by Alonso
Report to Baer
Location Southern Protectorate
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None The Great Outdoors
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I've been standing here so long, I can barely feel my legs! Fortunately, I have just the solution. It's a homemade remedy that'll cure anything that ails you!

Though that reminds me... I heard Baer coughing up a storm last night. Poor guy. He could use some of my remedy! I would make it for him, but I'm fresh out of spider juice! Think you could fetch some juice from those Forest Spiders ? They're the only kind that aren't poisonous. Then, go surprise Baer with it. He might not be too keen on drinking it, but you make sure he swallows every last drop.


What's that smell?! It... by the great gods of heaven, that is the most vile-smelling thing that's ever crosssed my nostrils! Keep it away from me!

(Baer begins coughing violently, and you take the opportunity to wrench open his mouth and pour the spider juice concoction down his throat.)

Bluughggh!! H-halp! It burns! I can't breathe! It's coating my throat, ugghhh!!

...huh? Oh. Suddenly it just slid right down. How soothing! I'm already starting to feel better! How great is that? I'm going to spread the word of healing spider juice across the world!


  • 6,650 exp
  • 4 Silver
  • Level 14 Boots(Item level 21)
Path Stats Skin
Firemage DEF 10(5),
EVA 20,
Max HP 34
Firemage's Soldier Shoes
Frostmage DEF 5,
EVA 30(7),
Max HP 36
Icemage's Wasteland Shoes

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