Jack Of All Trades Jack of All Trades

Vital statistics
Type Consumable
Binding Character
Use Level 1
Item Level 1
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}

Jack of All Trades is a very rare item in the game. It allows the player to add an additional skill path page where they can once again choose one of the 2 specialization of their class. The maximum number of skill path pages a player can have is 5. 

Use this item to access another Skill Path page. You can use a maximum of 5 Skill Path pages at once. Change your skills to fit the situation!


Upon adding an additional page to their skill path, the player has the opportunity to try out the other specialization of their class, or a different skill
set of the same path. It allows players to alternate between several skill trees. It can, for example, be useful for players to have one page with a PvP oriented skill tree, and another page with a PvE oriented skill tree.


Every player gets a Jack of All Trades item as a Valor Reward when they reach level 20. They can also obtain the tradable version of the item via the in-game Marketplace, Special Sales on the Web Mall or from the EOS Tiered Spender programs (when available).

How does Jack of All Trades work?Edit


When clicking on this item, there will be a pop-up message: "When you use a Jack of All Trades, a Skill Page will be added. Would you like to continue?"

When the new skill page is added, the player will first see the choice to activate that skill page by clicking on the “Activate Path” button. This does not mean that the player is choosing one of the two paths, they are simply activating the additional page.

Note: Since that button is located on the side of one of the specializations, many players get confused and are scared that they will actually choose the specialization on the right, which is sometimes not the one they want to choose.

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