Issus is a PvP - Guild Dominion map that is open for participation once a week, on Saturday from 9 to 10pm server time.

The guild that occupies Alexandrius, the large central spot, when the time runs out is victorious. The map size, number of players allowed and entry requirement are same as those of Valhalla.

Mohandas Issus Guide

Entry NPC: Mohandas <Issus Guide>

Location: Ignea and Bernicia:

Talking to the guide will show the Issus Rules.

The guide also acts as a merchant. Repairs equipment and sells:

  • Battle Healing Potion. Cost: 7.257 Gold
  • Battle Healing Scroll. Cost: 30.222 Gold

Requirements Be in an hostile guild.

Entry Talk to the NPC in Ignea or Bernicia. Can start in four locations, but upon entry, one location is chosen

Exit NPCs are located near the four exits.

Mechanics The map contains seven small capture points, bases, and a large capture point, Alexandrius. To capture Alexandrius, a guild must first occupy at least two bases. Every player can capture a base and the time needed is 10 seconds.


Capturing Edit

Capture Points

To capture a point, players must interact with reactors spread across the map. Their color depends on their state.

Capture Point/Spot


Base (The player's guild base - Green)

Base is occupied by the player's guild.

Base (Ally guild's base - Yellow)

Base is occupied by the ally's guild.

Base (Enemy guild's base - Red)

Base is occupied by the enemy guild.

Base (Unoccupied - Grey)

Base is not occupied by any guild.

Alexandrius (Player's guild base - Green)

Alexandrius is occupied by the player's guild.

Alexandrius (Ally's guild base -Yellow)

Alexandrius is occupied by ally guild.

Alexandrius (Enemy guild base - Red)

Alexandrius is occupied by enemy guild.

Alexandrius (Unoccupied - Grey)

Alexandrius is not occupied by any guild.

Buffs and Effects Edit

Some reactors near the starting area will buff players upon activation: For 60 seconds, speed increases by 50% (Stacks with mount effects and Nightmare Stallion).

Occupying a base will give the following buffs. These buffs can be stacked.


Guild Buff


Soul Skill Cooldown Time decreases by 20%


HP increases by 5%

Base II

PVP DEF increases by 5%

Base III

ATK increases by 5%

The buff is maintained during the Base occupation, and the buff is lost immediately if the Base is lost. All guild members within Issus belonging to the guild in occupation of a Base receive the buff.

Victory and Rewards Edit


The guild that holds Alexandrius at the end of Issus time out wins.


The winning guild will be able to set a Server wide tax on items bought from Merchants and the Marketplace.

The tax is split between the winning Issus guild, and the winning Spiros guild. (Rate will be adjusted, but the present plan is to maintain a 7:3 ratio)

The default Tax rate is 15%. The Tax rate can be set by the leader of the winning guild from Issus. Only the guild leaders receive the tax money.

Taxes are distributed daily by mail to the guild leaders of the winning Issus and Spiros guilds. They will start receiving this Tax daily from the following Monday after the guild competition took place.

Quests Edit

Players can get 3 Daily quests from the Issus NPC in Ignea and Bernicia from NPC Mohandas.






[Daily] The Road to Victory

Occupy 1 base

Kill 10 enemies in Issus

1 Battle Healing Scroll

6 Battle Healing Potion

14 gold 286 silver


[Daily] Occupy Alexandrius

Occupy 3 bases

Kill 15 enemies in Issus

2 Battle Healing Scroll

12 Battle Healing Potion

28 gold 571 silver


[Daily] Retake Alexandrius

Occupy Alexandrius

Kill 20 enemies in Issus

4 Battle Healing Scroll

25 Battle Healing Potion

57 gold 143 silver

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