Main QuestInvasion Rationalization
Level 6
Given by Levina
Report to Delos
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Craft Time! Purify My Soul



"I was able to decipher some of the text on those documents you brought me. They are orders to the Darklith troops. They don't reveal who issued the orders, but they DO reveal what they were after: the Shadow Soul fragment in the Opaline Altar.

When Ymir, the Giant King, was killed eons ago, his soul remained in this world. Odin feared it would fall into the wrong hands, so he split it into six pieces.

The soul must not become whole again... And now the Darklith are seeking it... Are the Darklith seeking the power of the Giants?

Whatever the case, they will certainly come looking for the Soul of Sloth. We must hide it before they return with more forces. Please talk to Delos and see what he has to say."


"Ah, it's you again. I wanted to give you my thanks for everything you've done for us here. What? Levina asked you to tell me something?


I see... So the Darklith are after the Soul of Sloth in the Opaline Altar. I can see why she would want it moved somewhere safer. I'll have my troops work on transporting it right away! You can count on us, boss."


  • 488 exp
  • 1 silver
  • Linen Lv. 6

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