General QuestI am Invincible!
Level 20
Given by Albanus
Report to Albanus
Location Southern Protectorate
(Boundary Outpost)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None Winning for Dummies
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need quest type


Required ItemEdit


I heard you ran into Baer out in the forest, hm? Funny little guy. Always trying so hard even when he knows he's bound to get sliced in two or some other silly things. I've actually been meaning to try something out that I think will help him. Perhaps you've heard of it... the Invincible Belt.

Just imagine... never having to worry about getting hurt! To make it, I'm going to need some tough raptor skin and this wooden plank. Why the wooden plank? That's the secret! Anyway, something like this could benefit you, too, so why don't you get me those skins?


Ohoho! So you've completed the belt, I see. Hopefully you did it correctly. Why don't you try it on yourself first and give it a whirl?

So long as it provides some protection it will prove a better investment than the steel boots I tried to make last time. I couldn't even walk in them they were so heavy, ahaha!


  • 7,000 exp
  • 4 Silver

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