HerosBlessing Hero's Blessing

Vital statistics
Type Consumable
Binding {{{binding}}}
Use Level 1
Item Level 1
Cooldown 2s

Hero's Blessing is a consumable that helps increase Hero Badge acquisition in the Battlefield.

Use Effect : Battlefield Hero Badge Acquisition +30%.
Receive more Hero Badges on the Battlefield. Lasts for 2 Hours
-In Game Description.

Hero's Blessing can be stacked with other buffs such as Premium Buff Ticket, both New and Returning Soulkeeper's Blessing, New and Returning Soulkeeper's Boost and GM activated Server Buffs such as the Battlefield Boost (Hero Badges +40%).

Item disappears from the inventory upon use.

Acquisition Edit

Notes Edit

Using Hero's Blessing is not always a guarantee for more or any Hero Badges.

  • Even though the item can be used from level 1, you will not be able to enter a Battlefield and earn Hero Badges until you reach level 10. Using before level 10 is not advised.
  • You must join and actively participate in Battlefields in order to utilize a Hero's Blessing. The item will not earn you extra Hero Badges while you are in town, dungeons, afk, offline or waiting in a Battlefield queue.
  • Hero's Blessing does not work in the Arena, Valhalla, Issus or open-world PvP. Each PvP aspect of the game uses/awards its own currency/points. Hero badges can only be earned in Battlefields.
  • You will not earn Hero Badges by staying afk in the Battlefield. You also risk a penalty, a loss for your team and - in some cases - daily quest incompletion.

Hero Badge acquisition and Hero's Blessing bonuses vary between battles and rewards depend on your personal activity, team activity and level. The more you do, the more you earn. Eg: Win or defeat, kills, assists, towers capped etc.

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