Heliana is a level 18-35 area in the continent of Nicaea.


Area: Heliana
min max Region
1819 Ignea
1818 Bramblemist Woods
1835 Harpy Territory
1835 Ruined Altar
1920 Unknown Forest
2025 Largess Thicket
2222 Falcon Mercenary Base
2324 Morient Cemetery
2526 Watchet Wetlands
2525 Bragos Backroads
2535 Bragos Ruins
2626 Forest of Secrets
2727 Karquul Hideout
2727 Cave of Silence
3232 Plains of Sorrow
3233 Ethereal Lands
3333 Toshok
3333 Barrel Bottom
3535 Shadow Bastion

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