General QuestHard Knock Life
Level 10
Given by Monica
Report to Monica
Location Ignea
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None School of Hard Knocks


  • Purchase Magic Lamp Repair Kit from the Cash Shop (199 AP).


"Oh my, a real Soulkeeper! Forgive the intrusion, but you have such kind eyes. Surely you will spare a moment to help me with a small errand.

Everything is in shambles since a gang of ruffians stormed through and tore up our smithy. We're ruined! Why would they pick on honest hardworking folk like us?

My brave father was badly injured when he tried to fight them off, and I cannot leave his side. Please, would you bring me a Magic Lamp Repair Kit? I must be able to work so we can keep the family home."


"I... I can't believe it - these tools are the best around!

This is more than enough to save our home! My family is saved thanks to you. Please, keep this for yourself."


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