Main QuestGund, on the Hill, with the Revolver
Level 6
Given by Helen
Report to Gund
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
The Final Showdown Craft Time!


  • Collect Damaged Darklith Document x 1


"Excellent work, (xx player's name xx). Levina was right to put her faith in you. She's headed back into town, but she left a request.

We need to find out why Dyamond and his troops were trying to break the altar's seal, so she's asked you to look for clues.

There are plenty of dead Darklith on the path into town... maybe one of them is carrying something that could give us some information. I'd do it myself, but corpses creep me out. I'm sure you can understand. Anyway, if you happen to find anything useful, give it to Gund. He runs away at the sign of a fight, but he's pretty good at holding onto things for safekeeping.

You have a long journey ahead, so I'll give you some assistance."


"Ah! It's you again. Glad to see you're all right after that hullaballoo earlier. Levina told me you'd be coming through with some documents?

(You hand the scraps of paper you found on the Darklith corpses to Gund, and he runs his eyes over them.)

I can barely read these! They're ripped to shreds, half-burnt, water-stained, and now they have pocket lint on them!

Oh, bother! How am I supposed to deliver something like this to Levina? She'll yell at me! I'm already shaking in my boots as it is..."


  • 3218 exp
  • 4 silver
  • Weapon Lv. 6

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