General QuestGood Food is Better than Bad Food
Level 9
Given by Suss
Report to Suss
Location Unknown
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None None
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You, there! Stop right where you are! How do you feel about food?

How would you feel if you got to eat the most delicious food in the world every single day? Delighted, right? WRONG! After eating the same things day in and day out, you'd get sick of them! Trust me on this. I'm a chef.

That's why I'm constantly on the lookout for new recipes and ingredients. I need to keep on my toes, you know? I've always got my eyes open for the next big food craze. I heard that frog eggs in this forest are a rare delicacy, so I thought I'd come check for myself, but frog eggs means FrogMEN! I can't get close to the blighted things.

If you help me get a few of those frog eggs, I'll let you try my new recipe when I perfect it. How's that for a fair trade?


By the mane of Odin, look at all those eggs! I'm in eggstacy!!

I must try one! ..oh. Oh. OHH!! This flavor! This delicate Texture! The aroma stirs my whole body into a frenzy! THIS. IS. FOOD.

Why don't you try one? No? You're missing out!



  • Although he offers to let you try is new recipe, you decline. Instead you receive an Ox-tail soup.

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