Eartha - Ancient Canyon

General Merchants sell many useful items to players, and are available in every small camp and big city. You can also sell your own items to the General Merchant (if they aren't unsellable) and repair your gear.

They give you the option of two shops:

General StoreEdit

The items sold by the general merchants varies from territory to territory, but they generally include the following:

Item Price (before taxes)
Simple Bag 1 gold
Minor Bag 5 gold
Minor Ally Revival Scroll 1 silver
Ally Revival Scroll 1 gold
Dull Jewel Extraction Scroll 1 silver
Lucid Jewel Extraction Scroll 20 silver

Vivid Jewel Extraction Scroll

(Only in Kharath)

100 silver
Appraiser's Ink 300 gold
Healing Bandages 1 - 210 silver 
Magic Bandages 1 - 210 silver
Healing Scrolls 1 silver - 4 gold
Healing Potions 1 silver - 1 gold
Healing Brews 1 silver - 2 gold
Desirable Combination Scroll 1 silver
Mystical Combination Scroll 1 silver
Celestial Combination Scroll 1 silver
Noble Combination Scroll 1 silver
Blessed Conversion Scroll 1 silver

Blessed Conversion Scroll

(Medium Quantity)

10 silver

Blessed Conversion Scroll

(Large Quantity)

100 silver

Health Item Shop (Bound)Edit

This is a shop available at General Merchants where you can buy cheaper Healing Items. These are all Non-Tradable (Bound) items, so you can't sell them to other players. If you try to re-sell them to the NPC they will only be worth 1 silver.

Remote MerchantEdit

You can summon a General Merchant to the place where your character is by using a Remote Merchant. These will remain at that location for 5 Minutes.

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