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General Info

  • Recommended Level Normal: 70
  • Minimum PvE item Level: 1328
  • Recommended Level Hero: 70
  • Minimum PvE item Level Hero: 1352
  • Item drops per Boss: 4 / 8 (10/20-player) or a Veres' Coin to trade for the gear.
  • Dropped Gear Level Normal: 169
  • Dropped Gear Level Hero: 172

Veres Coin Trader: NPC Elain in Bernicia.

Regardless of whether you get gear or coins, the amount of drops should still always be 4 or 8.


  1. Lv70. [Dungeon Info] Urgent Call - Talk to NPC Jonathan in Bernicia - Gives 1 gold.
  2. Lv70. [Dungeon Info] Heinrich's Not Here - Talk to NPC Desperate Webber outside the raid entrance - Gives 4 gold.
  3. Lv70. [Dungeon] Evil Incarnate - Talk to NPC Kirk inside the raid - Gives 45 gold.
  4. Lv70. [Dungeon: Hero] Sudden Revival - Talk to NPC Starke in Bernicia after you completed the previous quest - Gives 3 gold.



Veres Abilities:

  • Charge attack: Frontal attack
  • Elemental protects Veres, skills can't be blocked until Elemental has been killed
  • Icy whirlwind: Block it.
  • Giant Icicle: Evade it.
  • DEF Reduction: Debuff - Strong attack destroys armor and lowers DEF, stackable.
  • Ice Lock: Grips the player in an ice block. Needs to be destroyed by other players to free the subject.
  • Frost Energy Explosion


Extra Heroic Abilities:

  • Cold Seed: Creates ice zone around the target.



  • Veres Vanquisher - 10 Players
  • Veres Vanquisher (Hero) - 10 players
  • Frostcore Fanatic - 20 players
  • Frostcore Fanatic (Hero) - 20 Players
  • First to Frostcore - 10 Players Server First
    • Title: Veres Bane
  • First to Frostcore (Hero) - 10 Players Server First
    • Reward: Mysterious Ore - Item for Legendary Weapon quest
    • Title: Veres Vanquisher
  • Frostcore's Fame - 20 Players Server First
    • Title: Altana's Protector
  • Frostcore's Fame (Hero) - 20 Players Server First
    • Reward: Mysterious Ore - Item for Legendary Weapon quest
    • Title: Altana's Watcher

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